"Remember: The race goes not to the strong, nor swift, nor more intelligent but to the less stupid"

Table of Contents from
In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech
Marketing Disasters

Foreword to the Second Edition
Foreword to the First Edition
About the Author
About the Artist

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two

First Movers, First Mistakes: IBM, Apple, Digital Research, Microsoft
The Big Bang—Altair, IBM and Apple
Great Green Rising—Digital Research and Microsoft

Chapter Three

A Rather Nutty Tale: IBM and the PC Junior

Chapter Four

Positioning Puzzlers: MicroPro and Microsoft
Death by Doppelganger—MicroPro and WordStar Vs WordStar 2000
Two Software Nags—Windows 95 Vs NT

Chapter Five

We Hate You, We Really, Really Hate You: Ed Esber and Ashton-Tate

Chapter Six

The Idiot Piper: IBM and OS/2

Chapter Seven

Frenchman Eats Frog, Chokes to Death: Borland
and Philipe Kahn

Chapter Eight

Brands for the Burning: Intel and Motorola
The Great Pentium Bunny Roast
A Day in the Life of Alfred E. Motorola

Chapter Nine

From Godzilla to Gecko: The Long, Slow Decline of Novell

Chapter 10

Ripping PR Yarns: Microsoft and Netscape
Bill Gates vs. the DOJ—Sometimes We All Go a
Little Bit Crazy
Netscape and Marc Andreessen—Will You
Please Just Shut Up?

Chapter 11

Purple Haze All Through My Brain: The Internet and ASP Busts
Child of the Sixties—The Internet
The Last Days of Disco—The ASP Craze

Chapter 12

The Strange Case of Dr. Open and Mr. Proprietary

Chapter 13

On Avoiding Stupidity

Chapter 14

Stupid Analyses


Stupid Development Tricks: An Interview With Joel Spolsky

Glossary of Terms

Selected Bibliography



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